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Professional Male & Female Fire Fighters, Fully Kitted Fire Engines, Over 50 Years Fire Service Experience!

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Our Vehicles

We have a fleet of modern fire brigade vehicles plus fully trained firefighting staff to man them at short notice for events, film and TV.

Appliances can be used in conjunction for large wet downs, emergency water supplies, dry riser testing and supply of water for rain-making. All vehicles are fully equipped with a full set of fire fighting, Road Traffic Collision and Breathing Apparatus equipment.

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Rescue Pump Fire Appliances


Modern fire appliances, fully equipped to an extremely high standard including full RTC suite, PPV and breathing apparatus. 4 x Dennis Sabre fire appliances with contemporary livery as seen in many current fire and rescue services throughout the country.

4 x 4 Fire Appliance


GMC 4 x 4 fire appliance. A smaller version of a standard fire appliance with 4 x 4 capability for those out the way locations and where access is limited. This vehicle still carries a 2,500 litre per minute pump but has a smaller water tank and only 1 hose reel. As with a standard fire appliance this vehicle can be used in conjunction with any of the water tankers if water supplies are limited.

Bedford 4×4 Water Tanker


Fully kitted out for pressure-fed water supply to rain FX rigs , mobile “wet down” and full 4×4 capability for those out of the way places. 8800 litre capacity.

ERF & Scania 10,000l Water Tankers


Fully kitted out for pressure-fed water supply to rain FX rigs etc, mobile ‘wet down’ facility (including personnel platform at rear of vehicle) dual fire pump capacity, hose and fittings. Fully insulated tank for warm water.

15000l High Volume Pump Water Tankers


15ooo litre water tanker fitted with high volule pump capable of supplying up to 5000 litres per minute at 17 bar pressure. Ideal for larger rain rigs and water supplies, capable of running wet downs, LEZ compliant. Fully insulated tank for warm water.

Multiple Highly Mobile 4×4 Pick Up Trucks


Highly mobile Fire/Rescue facility. Self-contained water/foam tank and high pressure fire pump, hydraulic cutting/spreading, portable fire extinguishers.


*All of the above vehicles can be fitted with Holmatro hydraulic cutting equipment to cover vehicle stunts and special effects. (commonly known as the jaws of life). 


Demountable fire pump unit
Self-contained water/foam tank and high pressure fire pump. The ability to position a fully operational mobile fire-fighting facility on a stage or a contained filming location without the cost of a support vehicle. Mobility is via a four wheeled trolley.

10,000L Portable Water Dams
Fully enclosed dams complete with fire pump with a water capacity of 10,000L Can be sited and De-rigged in any position depending on ground level.

Fire Extinguishers
Water, CO2, Foam, Dry Powder portable equipment.

Fire/Rescue Officers
Fully qualified, trained, professional fire-fighters with extensive film experience. Local Authority Fire Rescue Services trained.



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