CINI FIRE TECH - Professional Fire Cover For Film, TV and Events

Professional Male & Female Fire Fighters, Fully Kitted Fire Engines, Over 50 Years Fire Service Experience!

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Our Services

We provide a professional fire safety service to both film and TV production companies as well as to festivals and events around the UK including fire safety training and consultancy and equipment hire.


  • Action vehicles – fire appliances and crew for film and television in-shot services, modern fire kit including helmets and professional, experienced fire-fighters.
  • SFX Support – bowsers for wet-downs, supply of water for rain-making, high-powered fans and smoke generators, positive pressure ventilation system allowing buildings to be cleared of smoke within minutes for re-takes.
  • Event fire cover – supply of vehicles and professional experienced fire crew, full pumping appliances to 4×4 and quad bikes, extinguisher and fire point hire and/or fire marshal cover for both large capacity and smaller events.
  • Training – fire warden training, fire marshal training, extinguisher training.
  • SFX Cover – using experienced professional firefighters with film industry experience and specialist safety advisors.
  • Stunt Support – a full compliment of modern hydraulic cutting equipment (commonly known as the jaws of life), fully trained firefighters to support stunts/SFX. Health and Safety can be on standby in the event of vehicle extrication being required.
  • Risk Assessments – using specialist, qualified health and safety advisors.
  • Fire safety services – qualified, experienced fire safety officer available to provide specialist advice under the RRO (Regulatory Reform Order).
  • Equipment Hire –  e.g. fire extinguishers, fire points.
  • Controlled fire set facilitypurpose built controlled environment in which fires can be set safely for in fire filming.



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